From, or pertaining to the Earth


This site showcases projects, research, and writing which demonstrate how landscape and ecology provide a framework for new patterns of urbanization and development which can effectively respond to global challenges of changing climates, food security, water scarcity, and other critical issues of a systemic nature.  Topics such as infrastructure, water management, food security, and urban growth in developing nations are touched on frequently, with input from the domains of policy, research, and practice.


The concept of being Terran is informed by the view of Earth from space, a perspective which reveals the ultimate context for life on a planet which sails through an infinite and mostly empty cosmic ocean.   Being 'Terran' evokes a planetary worldview which communicates the common cause of human civilization.

From a design standpoint, a Terran perspective eliminates the false dichotomy between humans and their environment, revealing culture and technology as facets of nature rather than entirely disparate phenomena.  This 'planetary' worldview provides a more holistic architecture for thinking about problems by removing constraints of social constructions in jurisdictional boundaries and cultural conflicts that are counter-productive when thinking about serious problems which require effective solutions.